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This study will benefit the following person They can get their summary of grades through SMS.

Encode - to convert a message from plain text into code. Grades - an accepted level or standard. Inquiry - a seeking for information by asking questions.

Much more than documents.

Online - Computer or device connected to a network such as Internet and ready touse or be used by other computers or devices. SMS - Short Message Service SMS is the text communication service component ofphone, web or mobile communication systems, using standardized communicationsprotocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between fixed line and mobilephone devices. Chapter IIFig. Username and Npassword are correct?

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SMS is a basicand common feature given by cellular operators to users. Recently, the growing influence of SMS has attracted significant attention. Asconvenient and low-cost mobile communication technology, SMS is experiencing veryrapid growth. In , million mobile phone users worldwide sent an average of 20billion SMS messages every month. Indeed, the volume of SMS messages sent inDecember was 30billion worldwide and it was expected to grow to billion bythe end of In Europe, Norway leads the region with an average of 47 messagessent per month per user in while Philippines lead the Asia-Pacific region with SMS messages.

Chapter 2-Realated literature and Studies

The worldwide increasing growth of SMS messaging services has spurred thedevelopments of SMS commerce applications, which mainly cover consumer-orientatedbusiness such as alerting, ticket booking and retailing. Given that the huge SMSmessaging customer base could potentially serve as major component of the SMS-commerce customer base, many commerce providers are becoming more interested inSMS commerce applications. The university as an educational organization has a lot ofvaluable information which can be provided to the students, such as 1 grade release, 2 enrollment information, 3 university announcement, and 4 internship opportunity.

If the university can provide them on the SMS service, the students can get the 20 They can request the information from the serviceprovider at their own convenient time through their cell phones. There are two kinds of services which can be built to distribute the informationthrough SMS: 1 Independent Service - It is created by the university itself using one cell phone and one server. Figure 2. However, there is a need for an agreement between the university and the cellular operator to provide the service. Both of the services have their own benefits and difficulties in the different levelswhich depend on the institutional condition.

The choice will also affect both the cost andthe pricing in providing the service. Existing System Overview The Assumption University has provided the education information servicesbased on website since Sometables are used by the system to provide that information.

To provide the academicreport, enrollment information, and personal information, the existing system usesInformix Database that includes Student table, Study Courses table, and Study Gradetable. On the existing system, the users can get the information only from the webbrowser, which is provided by computer, PDA, and several high-end mobile phones.

Notevery mobile phone can access this system and the users must activate the GPRSfacility to access the website from mobile phone. The proposed system is offering theSMS service which can be used by the entire mobile phones. Proposed System Overview Before students can use the services, they must pay the services through thewebsite. SMS server will check the ID and password and compare to the studentdatabase.

Database server also can be connected to the SMSserver to supply data. If the user sends a request through SMS, the mobile network willreceive it and send it again to the SMS server mobile phone receiver. SMS server will read the message from mobile phone receiver and it willcompare the message and the answer from the university database.

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The result will besent to the user through the mobile phone on the server. The steps of reading and sending the SMS on the server show on the Figure6. Those steps are 1 frequently; server will check the SMS from the mobile phone andtranslate from PDU format into plain text. But if notmatched, the SMS will be ignored. If notavailable, system will send a SMS warning to the user. Otherwise, the system will querythe answer from the database, 5 translate from plaintext into PDU format, and 6 sendthe answer back to the user.

Reading and Sending SMS The processes of payment system can be the following steps: 1 Students paythe services through the website. Each successful payment is done by users keeping adequatebalance. It will be used for getting the information from the SMS services. The existing tables on thecurrent system, such as 1 Student, 2 Study Courses, 3 Study Grade, and 4 Authentication will be used again on the proposed system. Students shall be awarded one unit of quotes in essay credit for. A FREE online online grade inquiry system thesis software sample toefl essays tool for volunteer management and event planning.

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