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Although with drawing inspiration from these ancient tales, one must take modern society into account and this means reshaping the story to suit these needs. The question that arises here is if these modern renditions do the classical stories justice. One such tale that roused such….

Throughout the many stories in the Greek religious mythology Hellenism, which meant to teach lessons and explain how the world works, there are a vast number of characters. One that has become quite known today through the media, and even teachings in school, is the gorgon Medusa. A gorgon is traditionally a repulsive creature with an innate hatred towards men and the ability to turn people to stone…. Since prehistoric times, Greek mythology has been shaping the way the world materializes.

Even today, Greek mythology is illustrated in different forms of media, literature, and everyday life. However, ancient myths tend to be altered to fit the perspectives of the present-day audience. One of the many Greek mythological heroes that embodies the culture of Greece is Perseus. Perseus, who is one of the great heroes before the Trojan War, experiences grief and strife through the challenges he faces….

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Greek Mythology gave a reason behind everything that the Greeks could see, feel, and what they had to do to survive. They gave the mortals someone to believe no matter what the situation was. Myths gave a reason and story behind the things around them, and why the things were the way were. The ancient Greeks believed that in the beginning there was only Chaos, but out of the empty void, Erebus,…. In turn, we need to examine the myths and legends of our ancestors.

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The ancient Greeks are a great example of how we were able to exceed expectations. The Greeks believed in many gods and goddesses and worshipped them depending on what was going in their life. Their myths are a combination of these gods, the creatures, and the mortals. These myths tell the stories that the Greeks believed in, and why the myths made the them who they are. The Greeks were devoted followers to their faith. Perseus vs. Legends of demigods, part-man and part-god, had been passed down since the ancient times.

Extraordinary feats of courage and strength were always shown in each story, but one stands greater than the rest. It is about a boy who was cast into sea and lived; a boy who lived his life as a fisherman; a boy who grew up to be the man that killed Medusa, Perseus…. In Greek mythology, this process works the same way.

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The gods and goddesses of Greek mythology had many foes, usually being monsters. The monsters in Greek mythology were known to destroy people, damage different cities, or cause all kinds of havoc. The Gorgons, Lamia, and Hydra, are few of many monsters that were menaces to society. The Gorgons were possibly the most well-known of the Greek monsters. Since they were such good teaching tools, every culture has some kind of creation story to relay its early beginnings and important lessons Free Essays words 2 pages.

The creation of the world has for centuries been told through many different stories, in different languages, and from a variety of religions across the world. The founders of each religion developed every creation story, and as religions vary greatly in beliefs, so do their stories of how the world and mankind were created.

Although many of these creation stories differ, they have a close mystical and spiritual bind that brings people together. Two particular creation stories from very diverse religions are that of the Native Americans and the Christians Benvenuto Cellini and the Creation of Perseus. Benvenuto Cellini and the Creation of Perseus Length: words 4. Open Document Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

Need Writing Help? Different Creation Views Among Native Americans and Europeans Essay examples - The Native Americans and Europeans had many influences that affected their outlook when they first encountered one another. History of Perseus Essay - Throughout history, many ancient cultures created stories involving great heroes and gods to explain certain aspects of their daily lives.

Since Ancient Greece, the snake-haired Gorgon has been a sexualized symbol of women's rage.

Essay on The Creation Of The World - The creation of the world, or universe for that matter, is a matter that still has scientist baffled to this day. Creation Stories Essay - Creation Stories All cultures seek to explain how everything in this world was created. Creation Stories Essay - Creation Stories Hegemonic myths are integral to understanding not only where a culture came from but also where it is going.

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The Story of Perseus and Medusa

He also explained that since the nature of fire is not to descend that the foot would not come out whole. After listening to the convincing arguments, his Excellency stood shaking his head and departed without any further words Cellini Abandoned to our own resources, we took new courage banishing any sad thoughts which occurred.

Cellini often wept bitter tears for ever leaving France. Nevertheless, he revealed to me he was convinced that when Perseus was accomplished, all sadness would be overturned to glorious well-being.

Perseus and 'The Gorgon's Head'

We then set out with strength and what little money still remained to order loads of pinewood from the forests of Serristori. The reason we ordered pinewood was because it was abundant and offered a slow fire as opposed to oak-wood. While the wood was on its way Cellini wrapped Perseus with clay he had prepared many months before to assure that it was justly dry. After completing the clay tunic and properly fencing it with iron beams we started to draw out the wax by melting it with a slow fire.

The wax issued through numerous air-vents leaving a hollow mould with a slightly smaller solid model inside. After the wax was drawn, I helped Cellini with his construction of a funnel-shaped furnace around the Perseus mould.

here It was built of bricks well spaced to allow numerous openings for the fire to exhale. The furnace was then fed wood and stood burning for a couple of days until the mould was well-baked. We next started to dig a pit in which to sink the model. The mould was lifted by ropes and we carefully lowered it into the pit. After lowering it successfully, we surrounded the mould with the excavated dirt.

During the digging of the pit several work-people had been working with us Cellini Everything was now set, and Cellini had placed numerous pigs of copper and bronze resting one upon the other so that the flames could go freely through them. This would cause the metal to heat and liquefy sooner. Finally, the furnace could get going with the pinewood already in place. The furnace was lit and worked so well that Cellini rushed from end to end to keep it going.

Keeping the furnace going was difficult labor because it was going to take a lot of heat to melt the metals. To add to the anxiety our workshop took fire and a storm of wind and rain blew outside obviously causing the furnace to cool somewhat Cellini We battled the unfavorable circumstances for several hours when suddenly Cellini took ill with an intense fever.

He was forced to his bed. He first told me that the metals would soon be fused and the mould would fill easily. He said he was so much in pain that he must surely die in a few hours. I did not understand why he was talking this way, but he left for bed. I was left there with the other workers to continue, but something went wrong.

The metal was thickening and not flowing. One of the workers went to tell Cellini that the statue had been spoiled when I suddenly heard a howl of fury. Cellini was rampaging towards the workshop hitting anything or anyone in his way. Attend to me!

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Since you have not been able or willing to obey the directions I gave you, obey me now that I am with you to conduct my work in person. Let no one contradict me, for in cases like this we need the aid of hand and hearing, not of advice. The oak-wood, which burns powerfully, took quick blaze and the furnace began to glow and sparkle. Meanwhile, there was violent rain outside and I was wondering what had happened to his fever Cellini The metal was now about to melt and Cellini ordered a sixty-pound block of bronze to be tossed in the furnace.

With this the metal was quickly beginning to liquefy. I grabbed an iron rod along with Cellini and started to stir the channels in which the metal would travel into the mould. All of a sudden an explosion took place with a tremendous flame, as if a thunderbolt had struck us. Everyone was in astonishment as the light finally went away. I then looked to the furnace and discovered the cap had blown off and the bronze was bubbling.

A miracle had taken place as Cellini went to pull the plugs and allow the bronze to flow into the mould. At this time we were grabbing dishes, bowls , and any metal items and tossing them into the furnace. The bronze was in perfect liquefaction. All were now joyous in laughter as this miracle was being experienced.