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This is a metaphor to our inability to predict the future, and the fact that regardless what road is chosen it will not be free of obstacles.

Interpretation Of "The Road Not Taken" By Robert Frost

In the second stanza the persona continues to examine both paths and ponder which road to take. The speaker is judging the road from where he is standing. From this line, the reader gets the impression that the persona took the road less traveled by to break away from the influence and control of society.

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But by making the metaphor a road Frost makes it clear that few have chosen to take the harder route through life because it is less trodden upon. By the end of the second stanza, the speaker still has not made a choice about which path to take. The third stanza makes it clear that every time a choice presents itself there is a new journey or path to be traveled.

He is basically saying that what road or choice is picked now will affect his life just as much as what can not be undone.

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At the end of the poem, the speaker finally makes his decision and embraces it. Frost was born on March 26, in San Francisco, California and he died of complications from prostate surgery on January 29, Frost became a poetic force, and the unofficial "poet. The meter of this poem is iambic tetrameter, for the most part.

In most lines, the meter follows the rule with four iambs, which means that there is one unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable. But the meter is not normal since, in some lines, an anapest, which means there are two unstressed syllables followed by one stressed syllable, is substituted for.

The theme conveyed is about making choices. Frost does this through the use of diction, the use of figure of speech, and the use of imagery.

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To start with, Frost displays the main idea of decision making by the words. Either way, if you admit it now or in the wee hours of the night, like most people, you will come across this question at least once in your life. Robert Frost was able to grasp this raw, vulnerable life changing moment in the palm of his hand. Frost is able to take you back to a time when you have been faced with a life-changing decision. Even though it was written many years ago, people of all ages still study this enticing poem.

Frost wrote about coming to a fork in the woods and examining which path he should take and whether he might ever come back; the speaker believes each path is fine to take, but he takes the less used path line 6.

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He wrote about this decision in clear, standard English. Frost wrote about a traveler who had to chose between two roads.

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He had to decide if he wanted to go down the well used or less used path. The figurative meaning of "The Road Not Taken" is that the traveler is really just a person that is on the "road" of life. The point of which the road splits is a choice that the person has to make. He chooses the harder choice like it is harder to say "no" to drugs and to fight against peer pressure than it is to just say "yes. The choice must have been hard because he said, "And sorry I could not travel both.

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost - Poetry Reading

That means that he wishes that he could have the choice again and if he did then he would choose the other path to see what it was like. He also says that that one choice that he made has made all the difference.

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